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California Mushroom Dispensary. Magic mushrooms, a term encompassing fungi containing psilocybin, are known for inducing psychedelic experiences and altered states of consciousness when metabolized into psilocin.

Commonly referred to as “shrooms,” these psilocybin mushrooms, such as Psilocybe semilanceata found in North America and Europe, and Psilocybe cubensis, initially described in Cuba and native to South and Central America, are frequently sold in the United States. California Mushroom Dispensary

The historical use of psilocybin mushrooms dates back thousands of years and is depicted in prehistoric art in both Europe and Mesoamerica. While the utilization of hallucinogenic mushrooms in the Americas faced opposition from Catholic missionaries during the Spanish conquest, indigenous ceremonies in Mexico continued their practice. 

The substance abuse and mental health services administration (SAMHSA) recognizes psilocybin as one of the most popular psychedelics. The law classifies psilocybin as a Schedule 1 drug, meaning that people are likelier to abuse it; therefore, magic mushrooms are illegal in the United States. Several cultures around the world have used psilocybin mushrooms for centuries. mushroom Dispensary in California.

In scientific labs, the component psilocybin was first discovered by Dr. Albert Hofman by separating Lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD). Mushrooms are typically fresh or in dried form. Dried mushrooms can be stored and used for longer. Further, you can also get shrooms in capsule form. California Mushroom Dispensary

With powdered psilocybin mushrooms, you can try snorting or injecting yourself. Shrooms are universal and can accompany almost anything. There are various forms of shroom edibles to choose from. Therefore, you can add shrooms to your morning tea, food, or fruit juice. California Mushroom Dispensary

You can also use shrooms instead of tea for that wholesome experience. Some users prefer to mix the substance with cannabis or tobacco and smoke it up. Alternatively, you can get fresh mushrooms and consume them fresh.  California Mushroom Dispensary

  • It is crucial to know that not all mushrooms are edible. Some mushrooms might resemble psilocybin mushrooms but are poisonous. Poisonous mushrooms cause adverse effects such as liver damage and even death. Psilocybe mushrooms have a unique look that separates them from other poisonous mushrooms. Psilocybe mushrooms typically tend to look almost similar to regular mushrooms.
  • However, they have long, slender, whitish-gray stems, and their caps are dark brown with white or light brown at their center. Dried shrooms are rusty brown, with some areas being whitish. Psilocybin mushrooms are good for those who are just experimenting or partying.
  • The substance is good for therapeutic treatment. Unfortunately, therapy and its associated drugs are not helping most people; therefore, hallucinogens such as shrooms play an important role. Shrooms can be useful in fighting anxiety, depression, PTSD, and trauma.
  • Users openly praise the effectiveness of these substances, and therefore, more people are seeking them. Although the United States government does not allow the distribution of shrooms, more people are taking their happiness into their hands and even growing these shrooms.  

What Do Psychedelic Mushrooms Do?

Shrooms fall under the classification of hallucinogenic drugs. Such drugs cause the user to see, hear and feel things that are not real. However, shrooms deliver various effects on the user, and experts say that the effects depend on the environment. 

The effects of magic mushrooms depend on your personality, emotional state, dosage, age, weight, environment, and history of mental illness. Shrooms do not cause adverse effects; the most common reason for hospital visits is the bad trips resulting from overdosing. 

Throughout history, shrooms have played an important spiritual and medicinal role in society. People use the drug for spiritual experiences, while others seek self-discovery and therapeutic treatment. Many people believe that naturally occurring herbs such as mescaline, marijuana, and magic mushrooms help people access their spiritual states. 

When you eat or buy magic mushrooms, the body converts the psilocybin into psilocin which interacts with brain cells to cause intoxication. Psilocin increases serotonin levels which induces hallucinations. Psilocybin mushroom effects last up to 12 hours; that is the time it takes to break down and excrete the substance.

How Much Do Shrooms Cost, And Where To Buy Shrooms?

You can find mushrooms naturally growing in the wild or grow them yourself. However, you stand to save some costs by growing them yourself. Growing them can save you up to $20. Additionally, growing shrooms yourself can guarantee higher quantities than what you can get from a dealer. Dealer prices range from $20-$40 per ounce of shrooms.

  • You can get an ounce for $200 and $100 for half an ounce. The prices differ according to the location, mushroom strain, demand, quality, and quantity. We highly advise growing your psilocybin mushrooms yourself. Seeing the state of the legality of shrooms in the United States, approaching dealers may not be the best option. Remember that even the most reputable dealer is breaking the law by distributing the product.
  • The fact that Psilocybin mushrooms are not legal means that any seller associated with the product is not regulated or supervised. Therefore, whatever you get from a dealer is not tested to ensure you get what you intended. As a result, products from dealers might not be controlled substances unless you conduct the testing yourself. 

If you want help to grow your fresh mushrooms, you can consult the diverse population that enjoys the product.

Fortunately, many forums have shroom experts and long-term users. You can get information on how to use and grow mushrooms there. 

Can You Get Magic Mushrooms At Dispensaries?

Yes, you can get mushrooms from dispensaries. However, these are not under the law; therefore, you are breaking the law by purchasing from them. Dana Larsen, in Canada, founded the first mushroom dispensary.

  • To get service at Larsen dispensary, you must show official proof that you need psilocybin treatment. After presenting the evidence, you sign up for a membership service and pay a fee of $100. The payment will buy you several shipments of psilocybin with instructions on how to use it and the dosage. The patient gets therapeutic treatment based on their needs and previous experience with the substance, if any.
  • At Larsen’s dispensary, you get shrooms in the form of capsules. They cost between $4 and $7. The shrooms come in three potencies, 25mg, 50mg, or 100mg of golden teachers mushrooms. The shrooms are mixed with spirulina, algae with high protein levels and antioxidants. 
  • Larsen’s dispensary is very successful. Larsen had already received hundreds of patients within its first week of operation. The founder has big plans for the future; for instance, he intends to open a safe consumption space for his customers.

In this space, customers that need high doses of shrooms can receive treatment from experts. Of course, opening such a space requires that shrooms are legal in the United States; Larsen remains positive that the country will legalize the substance soon to pave the way for such possibilities. 

Where To Purchase Magic Mushrooms Online?

If you have been seeking a reliable source to buy magic mushrooms online, look no further! In the digital age, obtaining these mystical fungi has become more accessible, but navigating wisely is essential to ensure a safe and authentic experience.

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Magic Mushrooms Benefits | California Mushroom Dispensary

While many seek magic mushrooms for recreational use, the substance also bears some medicinal properties. There is limited research on magic mushrooms and their medicinal use. However, some links suggest that the substance can help with medical conditions.

In 2018, Johns Hopkins University researchers suggested reclassifying magic mushrooms from schedule one to four. This reclassification can allow for its legalization and consequent use in medicine. As such, you can then buy mushrooms as a prescription drug. 

The researchers found that mushrooms can be important in treating alcohol, nicotine addiction, and depression. They suggested that substance can be important in rehabilitation from substance abuse disorders. Besides, the substance was found to be useful in helping the psychological distress that cancer patients have as a result of their condition and treatments.

The researchers are further investigating how magic mushrooms can play a role in managing other conditions such as opioid addiction, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), Alzheimer’s disease, anorexia nervosa, and post-treatment Lyme disease syndrome. 

There is another study that found that users who microdose on magic mushrooms may be able to reap some medicinal properties without experiencing the psychoactive side of the substance.

For instance, users who take small doses of the drug can get rid of cluster headaches without experiencing bad drug trips and other effects. Taking small quantities of a drug to get some of its benefits while limiting its unwanted effects is called micro-dosing. Unfortunately, experts advise against micro-dosing using psilocybin.

The main reason is that regulating the substance outside a clinical setting is difficult. As mentioned earlier, the drug potency depends on various things, and it is hard to know the amount that constitutes micro-dosing. 

As a result, you might take a high dosage of the substance and experience the effects you wanted to avoid in the first place. Further, you might not know the purity of the drug, especially if you are purchasing it from unregulated sources.

You might be micro-dosing with a poisonous mushroom or without effects on the body. Further, knowing your state of mind is important before engaging in drugs. Microdosing with an unstable state of mind might lead to adverse side effects. There is research underway on psilocybin use psychotherapy.

The substance is being investigated for the treatment of anxiety and addiction. Experts believe that it would play an important part in managing anxiety that comes with terminal illnesses. They believe that psilocybin use might help curb addiction and anxiety due to its effect on personality. Experts believe that psilocybin use can help treat members with treatment-resistant depression.

The Legal Status Of Magic Mushrooms | California Mushroom Dispensary

Unlike marijuana use, people rarely consume magic mushrooms. About 0.1 percent of the population reports psychedelic use within one year in the United States. The drug has been used for centuries and featured in art in Europe and Mesoamerica during prehistoric times.

Catholic missionaries nearly eliminated shrooms consumption in America; however, natives in Mexico continued the legacy. Just like cannabis, the United States is slowly accepting the substance. 

For instance, several states have decriminalized shrooms, including Oakland, Colorado, Denver, and California. Denver was the first city to decriminalize psilocybin mushrooms in 2019, and Oakland followed suit a month later.

Decriminalization does not mean that the drug is legal for use; it means that the state will not set aside resources to penalize criminals found possessing the drug. In Oregon, plans are underway to allow the recreational use of shrooms under licensed and therapeutic conditions. 

The activists fighting for the legalization of the substance say that legalizing marijuana brought about many advantages, and so will legalizing shrooms. If shrooms become legal, they could be used in patients resistant to other treatment forms. 

How Will I Feel After Taking Psilocybin Mushrooms?

Magic mushrooms are highly intoxicating, and you cannot drive or operate machinery under the influence. Psychedelic mushrooms cause both physical and mental side effects. 

They cause hallucinations that cause you to see things that might not exist. They are for leisure use only. Some users take shrooms with alcohol, increasing the psychological and physical risks that result from its usage. 

It is important to note that shrooms vary according to the quantity of psilocin and psilocybin. Therefore, it is difficult to tell the exact amount of psychoactive content that any shroom has. As a result, you cannot predict the intensity of the high or how long is it going to take for the shrooms to kick in

Besides, you cannot predict the type of “trip” a person will have after taking the substance. Others experience mild intoxication, relaxation, and sleepiness, while others experience delusions, panic, and hallucinations. Some shrooms are very intoxicating, and some have been reported to cause convulsions. 

After taking a magic mushroom, you will experience headaches, Dilated pupils, loss of coordination, sleepiness, yawning, nausea, muscle weakness, high temperature, blood pressure, and heart rate. You will also experience psychological effects such as panic attacks, euphoria, lack of sense of time, place, and reality, nervousness, psychosis, paranoia, hallucinations, and spiritual journeys. California Mushroom Dispensary

There is still minimal research on the effects of magic mushrooms on the body, especially in the long term. However, there have been reports that the long-term effects of taking shrooms include personality change and flashbacks. As mentioned earlier, shroom usage in the United States is highly unregulated; as a result, most of the products in the market are contaminated.

To prove this, Pharm Chem Street Drug Laboratory in the US studied 886 mushroom samples collected randomly from the market. Only 28% of the sample were hallucinogenic, therefore legit. 31% were legal mushrooms infused with LSD or phencyclidine (PCP) to produce the same effects as magic mushrooms.

37% of the sample were regular mushrooms with no trace of hallucinogens, meaning some people were about to get ripped off. There are help centers when you suspect you have eaten a poisonous mushroom. It is best to seek help before any symptoms occur.  

Shrooms’ Dependence, Tolerance, And Withdrawal

Like any typical drug, your tolerance increases the more times you interact with the drug. Regular use builds your tolerance faster, meaning that you will need higher amounts of the drugs with continued use. High tolerance for shrooms is not commendable, as high intake can result in overdose symptoms. 

Although not fatal, high shroom usage does not deliver good results to the user. Some overdose symptoms associated with shrooms include vomiting, diarrhea, muscle weakness, agitation, psychosis, seizures, panic, and paranoia. 

How Long Do Magic Mushrooms Make You High? | California Mushroom Dispensary

A typical shroom will be high for up to 12 hours. Shrooms’ effect on your body depends on if you have taken other drugs, your size, weight and health, tolerance levels, the amount taken, the environment, and the quality of the shroom. 

The physical effects of the shrooms depend on the set and setting. The set is the user’s state of mind, their past encounters with the substance, and how the person perceives the drug. For instance, if the person is feeling stressed, the chances of experiencing a bad trip are higher.

The setting also plays a huge part. It depends if the person is familiar with the place, if they are outdoors or indoors, music, and lighting. For instance, when you use mushrooms in crowded and noisy places, the chances of getting a bad trip are higher than when you use them in a quiet, calm, and relaxed place. 

Further, taking the drug while surrounded by trusted companions, in a perfect state of mind, and a safe place can increase the drug’s positive effects. 

You can start feeling the physical effects of the drug after one or two hours or as early as thirty minutes. You can feel the effects of the drug within ten minutes of drinking it in the form of tea. Regular drug tests do not test for psilocybin. However, you can still get it with special drug tests, especially psilocybin. The drug stays in hair follicles for up to 90 days. 

Shrooms are not highly addictive as compared to other drugs, such as marijuana. Continued psilocybin use does not lead to compulsive use mainly because it causes intense trips that the user might not like regularly. 

Signs Of Shroom Use

The most common sign of shroom usage is nervousness and paranoia. Other signs associated with drug use include changes in eating patterns and sleep. 

Besides, you can watch out for personality changes, changes in social activities, and mood swings. Long-term effects associated with shrooms include visual disturbances, disorganized thinking, and mood swings. 

Shrooms also cause Hallucinogen persisting perception disorder (HPPD). The condition occurs when a person has hallucinations long after using the shrooms. In simple terms, the conditions are called “flashbacks.” 

Other conditions that cause flashbacks are brain tumours and stroke. Flashbacks manifest as visual distortions that reflect on a past magic mushroom experience.

They cause changes in your emotions. These flashbacks can occur weeks, months, or even years after stopping taking shrooms. Flashbacks can disturb the user, especially if they recall a stressful trip. Using other drugs, stress, fatigue, or exercise can increase the possibility of flashbacks. Flashbacks last for a minute or two. 

The dissociative effects of shrooms include difficulty in movement, hallucinations, amnesia, anxiety, difficulty in breathing, mood swings, loss of memory, increased heartbeat, blood pressure and body temperature, depression, loss of coordination, memory loss, panic, numbness, seizures, speech difficulty, and weight loss.

Besides, shrooms can also cause suicidal thoughts and attempts. If someone near you takes shrooms, you might witness unusual behavior, such as jumping from heights or engaging in other dangerous activities. 

If someone comes across mushrooms mixed with other drugs or contaminated, they may experience signs such as high blood pressure, high body temperatures, increased heart rate, and nausea and vomiting. 

You can tell someone is having a bad trip if they are having intense hallucinations, panicking, and showcasing anxiety and paranoia. You can experience delayed headaches that go away within several hours after taking the substance. 

Will Using Magic Mushrooms With Other Drugs Result In A Better High?

Mixing shrooms with other medications is unpredictable and very risky. 

Mixing shrooms with any prescribed or over-the-counter medication is not advisable. For instance, mixing shrooms with ecstasy, speed, or ice can increase your chances of getting a bad trip and panic attacks. 

Alternatively, mixing psilocybin mushrooms and psychiatric medication can cause the condition to worsen, and it is therefore not advisable.

Conclusion: Where To Buy Shrooms In 2023?

California Mushroom Dispensary

Magic mushrooms, popularly known as shrooms, are continually growing in popularity. They deliver intense highs that are made by euphoric and spiritual awakening. The Hallucinogen will give you a trip to remember. Fortunately, psilocybin mushrooms are not addictive.

However, you are likely to build a tolerance slowly. Taking breaks to rest the body to enjoy your magic mushroom well is advisable. 

Additionally, higher doses of the drug are not good for the body. There are several more products, such as LSD, DMT, that you can use to try and mimic the psychedelic effects of shrooms.

Although magic mushrooms are illegal, you can Buy them from Like marijuana legalization, several states are making progress towards decriminalizing the substance. You can choose to grow and search to buy magic mushrooms in the fields, or you can choose to grow your own. We advise you to Buy magic mushroom at our Dispensary and save considerably.

 You will also be sure that what you take is safe for consumption.

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